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A futuristic outlook on what a kitchen might be in the 21st Century. Exploiting both the functional and aesthetic properties of high performance surfacing materials DuPont Corian® and DuPont Zodiaq®.


"The Haptech Kitchen is a result of the way we sense things and how we, by sensing our surroundings, are led to self-reflection and acknowledgement of the social characteristics of the space. In this case, those characteristics address the situation, correlation and orientation of the space. Haptic deals with human sensibility. The technological aspect of the Haptech Kitchen entails a challenge to the standard format and lay-out that characterises the majority of kitchens, which seem to be heavily influenced by the standards of the cabinets and by the size of appliances. I wanted to propose a different, visually appealing shape for the kitchen, one which could be placed in any room, and which, by its technological and socially-orientated solutions offers a more human-friendly form. The three major functions are spread out in the  kitchen. Firstly the functions for cooking and water, secondly the storage space and last the dining area. The wall cabinet leaves space for primary storage, fridge and ovens. It was important that the Island had a light, organic shape so that it would blend into a room in a natural way."









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